DFWI wall hanging – Biggin’s brick.

biggin brick wi 2The DFWI CENTENARY WALL HANGING PROJECT is a project to create a wall hanging.  The idea is that each group will contribute a “brick” to the hanging to celebrate 100years of Derbyshire Federation of WIs. The DFWI provided a rectangle of fabric. As a group we started with several ideas at the start of this January.

Ultimately we decided that we wanted to show different aspects of Biggin’s natural environment given that we live in the Peak National Part  and that Biggin Dale is part of a national nature reserve.  We began by handing the raw materials to Jennie, a very talented artist, who worked with fabric paints to create this stage of the “brick.”  Jennie had never worked with fabric paints before beginning this project and one of the difficulties was that the paint changed colour as she dried it with a hairdryer!

The next step is to embellish Jennie’s art with embroidery and beadwork – though we are all agreed it looks splendid as it is!


Making Biggin a digital WI

theWI_Logo_IW_RGB_2col-cropped-for-website-header    The National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) has been online since 2000.  It’s website provides all sorts of useful information from the campaigns it’s currently running to training for its members and useful “how to guides” as well as the latest news about what’s on. There’s an official page about Biggin too but rather like this blog it’s only just starting to take shape.

Hopefully our presence on the official WI website – www.theWI.org.uk – will be finalised during the next couple of weeks. The WI website is designed to serve all WIs, and provides each one with its own pages, which act as a microsite within the website. The homepage features a WI postcode search tool that allows visitors to enter their postcode and find local WIs. This also means that existing and potential members are able to find WI pages quickly and easily…in theory.

It turns out that the  NFWI is everywhere: